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Chicks with Bricks at King’s Cross

May 12, 2015

I remember the first time we came across Chicks with Bricks (huge thanks to Arlene Decker at LDA who told us!) and it was the name that caught our attention at first, bold but with a sense of humour and a wonderful antidote to the sometimes more stuffy women’s networking groups, we were drawn in immediately. On meeting Holly Porter and Amy Stephens we instantly warmed to them, both have achieved impressive accomplishments at a young age yet there is not a hint of arrogance or expectation. And so it wasn’t a difficult decision to decide to sponsor their event in May 2015.

The event was held in the Pedestrian Tunnel at King’s Cross, you might be forgiven for thinking that this sounds like it could be a dark and dingy choice but I think you will agree that the clever light installations (and not to mention beautiful chicks) have created a subterranean wonderland. The event focussed on Media Tech in Construction & Property. As well as delectable canapes and flowing wine, we enjoyed a performance by the very talented DJ Melanie Ribbe. Guest speakers were Jackie Roe, Delivery Manager East for the Thames Tideway Tunnel; Sarah Drinkwater Head of Campus London at Google; and Emma Bradley Director of Charities and Communities for Global Radio. The event was a huge success, very well done indeed Chicks and we look forward to future events.

To find out more about Chicks with Bricks and to see details of upcoming and past events, go to: http://www.chickswithbricks.com/

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