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MIPIM “Yes Oui Cannes” Pre-party

February 17, 2014

For us, last week’s ‘wild Wednesday’ wasn’t only an appropriate label for the crazy weather. Blizzards, storm surges and torrential rain of course, are worthy winners of the title, but we found that our evening event carried that tag off in style too. We were proud to sponsor the MIPIM pre-Cannes party, aptly titled “Yes Oui Cannes”, which was held at London’s Business Centre and provided the perfect warm up to next month’s renowned property networking event.
For novices like ourselves, who haven’t yet attended the ‘work hard, play hard’ occasion, it was an enlightening experience on MIPIM etiquette. The prevailing message, from architects, surveyors and planners alike, was that breakfast meetings during the week are an absolute no-go. We quickly learnt that even for the most seasoned MIPIM goer, the combination of all night partying coupled with 9am champagne breakfast meetings is a rather stomach churning experience.
Instead, it seems, meetings should be arranged for late lunchtimes, where they can comfortably carry on until 6pm and be complemented by booze, which, at that time will happily settle you in to an evening of drinking.
Whilst the storm outside reminded everyone that they weren’t in Cannes just yet, it didn’t stop the feel good atmosphere, loud chatter and high spirits.
Choosing to just dip our toes in the water this year with the pre-party, next year we intend to go all out and attend the event in style. Yacht share anyone?

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