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KDH Christmas Party 2014

November 27, 2014

Come September this year, the build up for our Christmas party was brewing. You might assume that we mean this was purely from within the confines of our office walls, but I’m not going to lie (and Christmas is no time for modesty) I’ve heard on the grapevine since, that a plethora of property professionals were awaiting the bash with baited breath too.

The pressure was on and we were ready for it. Cue: finding the perfect venue. Really, it could only have been The House of St Barnabas, in the heart of Soho. And once we’d sampled the arrival cocktail – a hot, creamy, vodka tinged liquid Apple Crumble – we were sold. Naturally, menu tasting came next and once again, we were smitten by the selection. It was the mini beef and Yorkshire puds & tuna Carpaccio shortbread rounds that put the icing on our canapé cake. True; the food is only ever one ingredient of a good party, but given the fact that many of our office conversations tend to descend into meticulous detail of scrumptious suppers and hark back to Kirsty’s masterchef days, food was never going to be overlooked.

Don’t get me wrong; discussion of drink wasn’t discarded. It went without saying that all our guests would be well watered throughout the night…not that we would ever, ever encourage debauchery.

With venue, drinks and food sorted, we were left with a gaping hole in the shape of music. Now, I don’t mean to brag – and I’m not quite sure how we achieved it – but I think we might have produced the best playlist of 2014. And when I say best, I’m talking on a national, maybe even international scale. We had the Christmas classics interspersed with smooth grooves, old school anthems and of course some good old pop/rock fun. If you would like to reminisce (don’t all rush at once) we’d be more than happy to enlighten you with some delights from the playlist. Caring is sharing after all and at Christmas especially, we’re game for helping you drop some sweet beats.
Yes, the recipe for the evening may sound complete but hold your horses: KDH don’t like to do things in half measures. Obviously, to mark the night just right we needed photographic evidence to reminisce with. For some, a photographer would suffice, but for us, a photo booth with a dressing up box was the only way it could go. Of course, we like to provide options, so we had a caricaturist on hand too for those who prefer a cartoon-like replica of their party get up.

It goes without saying that a party is nothing without great guests and on this front, we were the luckiest. Thank you all so much for coming. We had an absolutely fantastic evening and were thrilled to have such a great turnout. We all thoroughly enjoyed catching up with everyone and were extremely happy to kick off the festive season in KDH style. Merry Christmas everyone!

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