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Young Planners Summer Social 2014

August 28, 2014

When we booked our venue, El Cantara in Soho, for the Young Planners Summer Social back in May, we envisioned the Moroccan red tiled roof terrace dappled in mid-summer sunlight. There was no doubt in our minds that it would be a balmy evening with the odd butterfly – firefly, even – hovering over our chilled glasses of sangria.

We didn’t, of course, account for the fact that we don’t live in the Mediterranean, nor that British summer time is, at the best of times, temperamental on the weather front. So, when the date rolled round and we found ourselves running through torrential rain to reach El Cantara, we were slightly jaded.

However, this was to be an event for Planners, who are always prepared for sudden changes of weather and unlike us, are pragmatic about the climate they live in. So, with a casual shake of an umbrella, and a quick hand-run through the hair to re-style any fly-away strands, young Planner after young Planner crossed the threshold.

They just kept coming – as did the glasses of wine, the bottles of Estrella, the croquettes, the chorizo sausages with harissa, the calamari and the tender, chargrilled chicken wings. And alongside all these tasty treats, we enjoyed some delectable morsels of conversation, AKA, some top banter.

Spirits were high and the playlist was pumping: we all took to the dance floor and even got El Cantara’s staff busting out some smooth grooves. Proof, not that we needed it, that Planners can party.

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